A Year in the Making…

A little over a year ago I received a call from a parent looking to have some shirts made for the students participating in the school’s science fair. After a lot of back and forth we settled on what seemed to be the perfect design, something that both the kids and parents would love. Unfortunately, things don’t alway work out the way you plan and they were not able to order the shirts from us due to some issues with the PTA.

Fast forward to a almost a year later when I get a call asking if I remembered that design. I did and I quickly found it and got to work making one minor change to the year commemorating the event. I came to find out that the parent who has worked so hard to get the perfect design was now in charge of ordering them and knew exactly what she wanted. So after a year of waiting the kids finally got their shirts and the schools science fair was a big sucess. It just goes to show you that some things are worth waiting for and if you really want something you have to put yourself in a position to get it!


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