Busy weeks…

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A few weeks ago before I submitted my last post I had said that we would be a lot more consistent with our posts and guess what….that almost didn’t happen. The reason for this isn’t that I have been lazy or forgot about what I had set out to do, it was because we have beeen really busy. The past few weeks have produced the first Adver-T Email Newsletter, a bunch of 4-color process printing and a lot of great jobs for some great organizations. If you are a customer or a soon to be customer and you want your organization covered on the blog let us know my emailing at advertscreen@aol.com

Have a great weekend!


A Year in the Making…

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A little over a year ago I received a call from a parent looking to have some shirts made for the students participating in the school’s science fair. After a lot of back and forth we settled on what seemed to be the perfect design, something that both the kids and parents would love. Unfortunately, things don’t alway work out the way you plan and they were not able to order the shirts from us due to some issues with the PTA.

Fast forward to a almost a year later when I get a call asking if I remembered that design. I did and I quickly found it and got to work making one minor change to the year commemorating the event. I came to find out that the parent who has worked so hard to get the perfect design was now in charge of ordering them and knew exactly what she wanted. So after a year of waiting the kids finally got their shirts and the schools science fair was a big sucess. It just goes to show you that some things are worth waiting for and if you really want something you have to put yourself in a position to get it!

Our New Blog Is Up…and It’s All About Our Customers!!!

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So as you can see from the post below our last posting was over 6 months ago…so you may be asking yourself, “What took you so long for another post?”. In taking a look at the content we had lined up and realized that not many people get too excited about the in’s and out’s of screen printing…BIG SURPRISE.

After some brainstorming…we decided that It’s All About Our Customers!!!! A handful of times per month we are going to promote what is going on in our customers world. We plan on putting together a few paragraphs on various events, schools and businesses we have printed shirts for along with links to their sites so you can get in touch with them directly. Check back soon for more information…


Vector vs. Raster

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One of the most common questions we get as a screen printer is: How should I send you my logo to get started on the art for a screen printing or embroidery order? Most people tend to have their logo in a .jpg which has the ability to work if the .jpg is a very high resolution image but more often than not what we receive is something we can’t really work with…and if we can the final result (if we were to use the art)…would not be to the standard our customers have come to expect. The easiest solution to that is to have a Vector version of your logo created by your artist or we can typically do it for little or no cost (with an order). Vector art (typically an .ai , .eps or .cdr file extension) allows you to shrink or expand a design to any size without losing any of the detail. 

vector-vs-rasterDoing this will make your life and the lives of those you work with a lot less stressful ! Until next week….

Brochures are in…

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Today I was planning on explaining why having a vector logo for your company or organization is almost as important as breathing…but the blog hasn’t been linked to our new site yet so I will another week.  Until then….

What is Yourlogohere? Who is Adver-T?

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Welcome to Yourlogohere, the official blog for Adver-T Screen Printing.  Adver-T is a full service screen printing and embroidery company located in Clearwater, Florida. We have been providing our customers with high quality custom goods since 1979.  All printing and embroidery is done in our 4600 square foot production facility allowing us to inspect each product as it is decorated. From local businesses to restaurant chains of more than 300 locations Adver-T is able to work one-on-one with our customers to meet their needs.

 The Yourlogohere blog is here to inform you about what it takes to get your company logo onto shirts, hats, bags, towels and anything else you may need with the best results. Every week will we provide you with a posting on various topic like: Why does my company need a vector logo? How can I get the best pricing on custom printed or embroidered apparel? Where do my shirts come from? Additionally, we are here is answer any questions you may have…Next week we will start by telling you why your company NEEDS a vector logo….